Workplace Wellbeing

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Wellness is experiential

Wellness improvements are harnessed through experience. There is no instant formula or magic potion. Improvements in self confidence, body image, fitness and mental wellbeing are achieved through consistent growth.

Our core purpose is to empower individuals to make incremental healthy changes to continually improve their lives through our three core services:

  1. One-on-one wellness coaching.
  2. Health and wellbeing strategy & planning.
  3. Team wellness education programs.
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I GRASP Wellness Values

All of our programs and services at I GRASP Wellness are built on our five core pillars and aim to counter the reasons why progress can be challenging.


To be the best version of yourself physically and mentally a small dose of guidance is invaluable in helping establish a vision and paint a picture of a healthier, happier future.


We focus on people first, building relationships through careful listening, deliberate curiosity and thoughtful questioning. We genuinely care for each individual, treating each person who connects with I GRASP as a client for life.


Despite having great intentions to be the best version of yourself, you can’t intention your way to anything. Accountability is reminding someone what they desire and why they desire it and both acting to an agreed standard.


Consistency in executing the small things leads to great things. A wholesale change is rarely sustainable. It is near impossible to eradicate negative past behaviours simply because you have drawn a line in the sand. A self determined lifestyle adjustment requires incremental progress.


Progress is our purpose, our passion, our promise. These five areas of focus will help you move forward and have a meaningful impact on your life.

The world craves wellbeing and we often seek it through “fit-spirational” social personalities, fad diets and unsustainable workplace programs that can leave you feeling burned out and overwhelmed. There is no need to “slay the day,” however there is a need to “mould your mindset” and embrace the long game.

When you have progress in any area of your life that you are proud of, it becomes a self-reinforcing cycle. The sum of the small changes amount to an amazing transformation over time.

For individuals: through I GRASP Wellness you will set your path to long term health and wellbeing through exercise planning, nutrition coaching and lifestyle adjustments that fit with your goals and busy schedule.

For organisations: I Grasp Wellness will assist you in developing the strategy and direction to ensure that your team creates the health minded culture that will garner workplace wellbeing, cooperation and productivity.

I know myself, when I’m in a better state of physical wellbeing, I’m in a better state of mental wellbeing and intern, I’m a happier person and more effective husband and dad.

If you desire to be healthier because you know it will help you be happier, a better parent or increase your self confidence, connect with I GRASP Wellness today for a free wellness discovery session.