28 Day Program
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Diet and lifestyle modification
Personalised food diary analysis
No restrictive dieting
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I GRASP Wellness 28 Day Diet Reset

What gets measured, gets managed.

We live in the age of analytics where much of society gets measured and tracked. However, most people spend little time measuring their own biology.

Chances are if you haven’t spent any time measuring your nutrition, you’re not managing your intake. Thinking about your complete nutrition picture increases self awareness and results, helping you accept responsibility for what’s important – your health.

Through this 28 Day Diet Reset you will measure, manage and measure again as you progressively learn about your own eating habits. You will gradually implement changes to improve your food planning and your understanding of how what you eat impacts how you feel.

This 28 day program is for those who are looking to “clean up” their diet, lose weight, improve sporting performance or simply take ownership of their health.

Week 1: Measurements, goals, food & lifestyle questionnaire
  • Undertake measurements (before photos optional).
  • Developing your “why.”
  • Reflect on dietary habits – complete questionnaire.
  • Commence 3-day food diary
Week 2: Food Diary Review & Implement Recommendations
  • Food diary analysis report.
  • Overview of metabolism and understanding your individual energy requirements.
  • Establishing macronutrient targets to meet personal your goals.
  • Commit to 3 new dietary and lifestyle habits.
Week 3: Meal Plan Motivation
  • Refine meal plan, adjusting quantities and profile of your meals based on your lifestyle and eating habits.
  • Micronutrients awareness. What might you be lacking and how can this be overcome.
  • Energy levels & mental clarity questionnaire.
  • Understanding motivation and environmental behaviour cues.
Week 4: Monitor & Manage
  • Reviewing and sustaining behaviour change questionnaire.
  • Understand Food labels and hidden traps in food manufacturing.
  • Making the most of your food budget.
  • Moving forward independently tracking your progress.