10-week program
Face to Face, Skype or Phone
Daily mobile support
Personalised planning
Create your own wellness vision

Be the one who makes a positive change.

Congratulations on making a decision to start taking ownership over your health and wellbeing!

There are likely one or two clear dissatisfactions which have caused you to come this far. Whether it’s being overweight, feeling fatigued, lacking motivation, wanting to feel better about yourself or wanting to look better, you have a desire that is strong enough that you are ready to express it. This is an amazing first step.

If you’re unable to articulate exactly what your motivation is right now, that’s ok too. The I GRASP Wellness one on one coaching program is carefully designed to guide you on a journey that will uncover your “why” and provide you with the tools and motivation to make progress.

Clarity of vision and path

Once you have made the decision to begin something, the next step is to be clear on what that something is. Once you have clarity on where it is you want to go, together we can work out a plan to get you there.


Making it real. Once you have skin in the game you put yourself on the hook to back it up with your actions which is one of the best incentives to achieve results. There are multiple layers to accountability which we will slowly work through as you make progress and become more confident in your ability to achieve your goals.

Sense of Accomplishment

Every action taken on your path is worth celebrating. The sum of all the small wins applied consistently add up to a remarkable change over time, even one small step in another direction leads to a completely new destination. At I GRASP Wellness we are as excited by your progress as you are!

When you commit to making a positive change though the I GRASP Wellness one on one coaching program you will benefit from:

  • 10 coaching sessions with one of our professional wellness coaches.
  • Daily mobile messaging support and encouragement to keep you on track.
  • Wellbeing plans to suit your goals and your busy lifestyle such as exercise plans, nutrition and meal plans, weekly productivity planner and mental wellbeing planner.