Half-day and full-day team workshops
Any combination of our six I Grasp Wellness modules:

Personal Wellness for Personnel Performance
Fuelling Optimal Performance (Nutrition)
Movement & Ergonomics
Driving Down Stress
Healthy Habits for Productivity
Healthy Team Culture

Follow up consultancy is also available for:

  • Wellbeing strategy development
  • On-going email support for your team
  • One-on-one personal coaching for your team

As goes people performance,
so goes business performance.

Our state of wellness underscores everything we do, including of course, our productivity at work. It’s not only productivity that drives organisations to invest in health and wellbeing programs, it’s the alarming health statistics relating to stress, mental health and other preventable diseases.

Each year approximately one in five Australians will experience a mental illness and over any 12-month period, one in five Australian employees will take time off work due to feeling mentally unwell. This adds up to a huge cost for businesses both financially and in terms of productivity loss.

Wellness is more than being free from illness, it’s being in a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing. It encompasses lifestyle, environment and self-evaluation of your quality of life.

Our Team Wellness programs consist of six core modules. Whether you undertake all six modules in succession or conduct a series of shorter workshops, your team will come away with an understanding of how their everyday choices and habits impact on their own wellbeing as well as your organisations culture.

Education is the first step of any change effort. Cultivating a desire to change is the second and understanding the consequences of our own health choices and what actions can drastically improve our own health is an important foundation.

Our workshops begin with what we know, the stats, and an overview of our current state of health and how that impacts our workplaces. Through self-reflection exercises your team will assess their own wellbeing and also identify some of the CONH’s (contributors of negative health) that may exist in your workplace.

We dive into the fundamentals of fuelling our body – hydration and nutrition, movement – mobility and ergonomics as well as lifestyle factors – stress, sleep and sense of purpose.

We explore the role that team culture plays in our wellbeing and intern our performance and how to develop healthy habits for increased productivity.

Workplaces provide you with an amazing opportunity to learn together, as a team, and use the supportive accountability of a workplace to produce change and a culture where health and wellbeing of staff is of utmost importance.

Replace “I” with “We” and “illness” can become “wellness.”