What is a Wellness Coach anyway?

It took me some time to confidently proclaim to my friends and family that I am a “wellness coach.” In giving this statement the eyebrow test, I’d almost always be met with raised eyebrows and eyebrows don’t lie! Raised eyebrows usually signal surprise with a side note of criticism and imply people are quickly trying to figure out what exactly a wellness coach is before any words escape their mouth.
Before you raise your eyebrows, let me explain what a wellness coach is. The first part of the equation is figuring out what exactly wellness means, which is trickier said than done. Simply stated, wellness is your overall state of wellbeing. It’s more than freedom from disease, it’s being in a place of physical, mental and social/spiritual wellbeing so that you can perform in a manner consistent with your expectations. It encompasses lifestyle, environment and most importantly the self-evaluation of one’s quality of life.
The many facets of wellness can be viewed as a set of skills that are able to be learned, practiced and refined, similar to taking up a new sport. One of the best ways to master a new skill is under the guidance of a coach. Learning skills and techniques that enable you to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing will enable you to live a higher quality of life – as determined by yourself.
So the next part of the equation is the coaching part. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.
In todays “information era,” the coach is no longer the expert but rather a lead collaborator. The information to improve your wellbeing is more readily available than ever before. The problem is there is just as much mis-information, fad diets and click bait to leave people feeling confused about the direction they should take to improve their health, particularly in taking the first step. Here lies the value of a coach, to help guide you into making decisions that are aligned with your goals and your motivation.
Coaching is not instruction, nor is it judgement. A good coach will accept people for who they are in their current state and ask that they do the same. There is no point being ashamed of what has been or who you are, but rather focus on what will be and who you will become.
In a sporting or strength and conditioning sense, I have been doing this for over 15 years when I began as an 18 year old personal trainer, and have continued to coach others in the sporting, fitness and corporate arenas ever since. I’ve always had a passion for performance, helping others perform at a high level and achieve their fitness goals. Whilst I love physical training, I now offer more to clients to help them go deeper into their personal vision, their motivation and the reasons that are driving their desire for change. Through my coaching program I help clients explore mindset, self limiting beliefs, nutrition habits, exercise routines and establishing process goals which are going to have the biggest impact on creating a healthier and happy being.
The people that I work with inspire me. They have recognised that there are one or two clear dissatisfactions which have caused then to want to change something. Whether it’s weight loss, feeling fatigued, lacking motivation, wanting to feel better about themselves or wanting to look better, they have a desire that is strong enough that they are ready to express it. It is this state, the beginnings of change, which can be the start of something amazing.
My goal is to reflect that inspiration and instil in my clients a belief that they can make it happen. Then we create a clear roadmap to ensure it does happen. There is no one size fits all plan. Each individual will work through a series of exercises to establish a base line and build a vision before we begin to look into solutions or design programs, which could include any number of approaches. The outcomes, the process goals and the successes are ultimately driven by the client.

A little about the I GRASP Wellness philosophy

The core purpose of I GRASP Wellness is;
“To empower individuals to make incremental healthy changes to continually improve their life.”
The I GRASP Wellness coaching and corporate training programs are built on five foundational pillars that counter the reasons why progress can be challenging.
Guidance – To be the best version of yourself physically a small dose of guidance is invaluable in helping establish a vision and paint the picture of a healthier, happier future.
Rapport – Focus on people first, building relationships through careful listening, deliberate curiosity and thoughtful questioning. Genuine care for each individual, treating each person who connects with I GRASP as a client for life.
Accountability – Many people have great intentions to be the best version of themselves, however “you can’t intention your way to anything.” Accountability is reminding someone what they desire and why they desire it followed by acting to an agreed standard.
Sustainable – Consistency in executing the small things leads to great things. A wholesale change is rarely sustainable. It is near impossible to eradicate negative past behaviours simply because you have drawn a line in the sand. Self determined lifestyle changes are best achieved through incremental progress.
Progress – Is my purpose and my promise. These five areas of focus will help you to move forward.
When you commit to making a positive change with the help of the I GRASP Wellness one on one coaching program you benefit from:
  • A minimum of 12 coaching sessions.
  • Daily mobile messaging support and encouragement to keep you on track.
  • Wellbeing plans to suit your goals whether that’s exercise plans, nutrition and meal plans, weekly productivity planner or mental wellbeing planner.
  • Connecting with like minded people.
  • Subscription to our newsletter for weekly wellness hacks and tidbits.
If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to connect with I GRASP through our website or send me a direct message.